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So Many Books, Yet Always so Little Time!

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wonderful place for a book worm!
Okay I don't have a particular book to talk about today. Well, not book at all actually. I wanted to say that the most amazing place for bookwoms to go is the library! It's a wonderful place and the library I go to is great! No late fees (thank the Lord b/c I never turn my books in on time and the librarians know it!), plus the librarians all know me and point out when new books have come in! This happened today and I walked away with a pile of 8 books that, as my mother pointed out, I have no time at all to read them. Plus I'm currently reading the Count of Monte Cristo, which I bought years ago and just kept avoiding reading it. I'm just one of those people that for specific genres I need to have the mindset to read, and books defined as classics are not something I usually read. Some are good, just some aren't to my taste. However, the Count of Monte Cristo has been pretty great so far!
Alrighty, I just wanted to take a moment and proclaim the wonderfulness of libraries (good libraries, did I mention my regular one also has an amazing foreign languages section?) since it's not something I get to talk about that often.