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So Many Books, Yet Always so Little Time!

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Rocking Misfortune by kumquatsrus
Oh the wonders of inkpop!

Meet Juniper Valie. She's fifteen years old, her mother's a drunk, and she's the result of her mother having an affair with a married man. Guess what? Life's been pretty tough for Juniper and only got tougher when her mother died and she was put into her father's custody and was basically thrown into hell thanks to her new stepmother.
Life didn't stay horrible though, thanks to the other black sheep of the family: Juniper's half-brother Benny. Even though their family believes that he doesn't know anything and is an idiot thanks to his lifestyle, Ben could tell from the start that life was going to suck for his baby sister if she didn't have any help. So when Juniper finally runs away, Ben's right there waiting to take her in to live with him....plus his three other room mates. Oh and by the way, did I mention that they make up a famous rock band?
Randomness does not even begin to cover it!
Add to that randomness the fact that Juniper's also a genius with a violin....who knows what will happen!

Rocking MIsfortune is one hell of an awesome story! The bottom line of this story (to me at least) is finding a family. You know, lots of people are born into families that are cruel and only damaging. People like this have to either knuckle under (something I've never believed in doing!) or form a new family later in life. The four guys that take Juniper in become the greatest and most loving family that Juniper could have ever asked for. Sure, they're rock stars but they're her family first.

I can't wait for this story to be finished! =)
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