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So Many Books, Yet Always so Little Time!

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The Bride and Her Prince by mimi11052003 (inkpop)
Yep, you guessed it, another great story on inkpop!

Picture this: when you turn 18 your parents break an interesting piece of news to you...when you were born you were betrothed to a prince. Oh and by the way, you have NEVER gotten along with this prince. At first you might decide to tell your parents to shove it, but then you realize that there's a lot of good you could do if you became the prince's wife so you decide to go through with it.
Now doesn't that sound like enough drama to deal with?
The drama train didn't stop there!
Now you can add in crazy ex-friends/ex-girlfriends, ex-boyfriends/prince's best friend, and who knows what else!

Okay I first read this story over the Christmas break and became completely addicted to it! (and yes i know, one day i will have to check into a book-rehab center for OD-ing on various great stories) Melinda has done an unbelievably great job in weaving this story (and the accompanying drama web) that you'll spend time cringing at all the drama but be laughing at Maria's and Daniel's growing relationship!

Go to Inkpop and read it:
Click for The Bride and Her Prince