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So Many Books, Yet Always so Little Time!

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The Make Out Games by AmandaJoywrites
Another Inkpop find!

Here's what we have: Avery & her friends have concocted a game with a very straightforward title: The Make Out Games. There were no problems until Avery missed 1 meeting and finds herself tossed into a closet with her former best friend, Scott Davenport, who pulls her into one intense make out session. Just one potential problem with this...yeah i know, what could be wrong with a great make out session? Well, Avery has a boyfriend, Jared, and Davenport happens to be his nemesis. Except Jared's a jerk so no one feels too bad for him!
After a pretty intense breakup, Avery finds herself with Davenport and the drama just keeps on coming while Davenport is doing everything he can to make her crazy as well! There's no such thing as a simple relationship, but from what you've already read did you really think this was going to be a stress-free deal?

Who knows how it's going to end? Nobody knows yet...
Though the story isn't finished yet, it is addictive! This story will have you reading, reading, and reading more and more.
Here's where you can find the story:
Click for The Make Out Games

Hope you like it as much as I do!

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I can't wait to find out though! =)

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