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So Many Books, Yet Always so Little Time!

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The Carrier of the Mark by Leigh Fallon
Megan and her dad have moved to Ireland and her life is going to be spun into who know's how many directions! First she's just getting used to life at her new high school and making friends, typical teenager stuff. Then what happens except she finds out that the guy, Adam, that's been ignoring her and being an all-around jerk is actually her love. Who'd have thought?!
And I'm not even done yet!
Now you have to add in Megan learning about her destiny, and being surrounded by danger and a new family that she'd kill to protect. Now you have a general idea of what this book is about.

This is a story that has become really popular on inkpop and it deserves it!
You have true love to experience, which never gets old. a guy that loves you and wants nothing more than to have you with him and you're physically ill when you can't be around him. over time you gain a family with deeper ties that could never be damaged.
I loved this story!
Alright, i usually would try to come up with more to say except i'm coming down with a cold so i'll just leave the web address for where to find the story:
Click for The Carrier of the Mark