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So Many Books, Yet Always so Little Time!

Spirit Bound by Richelle Mead - Review to come!
Ordinarily I would head over to my local Books A Million to pick up a copy of new books that I absolutely have not intention of waiting to arrive at the library or I know I'll read them numerous times and would rather own a copy.
Except this time I have become an informed shopper. Thank you recession! Everybody has to watch their money and as a college student I definitely have to watch my money or I'll end up having to ask for money when I have no intention of doing so since it's an extraneous expense.
Anyway, my point was that I got my copy for the best price I could find (yay for checking Walmart). This doesn't mean anything bad to BAM. I love bookstores in all shapes, I just can't always afford to buy my books at the listed price.
No I haven't read it yet. Though my review will probably be posted in a day or two, depending on how hooked I get on the book.
Now I'm wondering, does anybody read this blog? If you do, please leave me a comment! Either way, I'm going to keep writing in here. I just wanted to know for sure.