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So Many Books, Yet Always so Little Time!

Almost Perfect by Brian Katcher
This book had me guessing a lot at first.
When it starts you have Logan, a poor kid in Missouri still not over the breakup with his ex, and you have Sage, the new girl in school that is just different from everybody else in a good, irritating, perplexing way.
So the plot seems like it'd be pretty straightforward, doesn't it? Guy and girl spend 200 or so pages trying to be together then being ripped apart then getting it together by the final two pages.
That's what I thought for the first 100 pages, then I got to the part where Sage confides in Logan that she is a transgender. For those that don't quite realize what this means, Sage is a woman that was born in a man's body. She's dresses like a girl and looks like one (girly clothes and she takes Mexican hormone pills so she has legitimate breasts). Anybody want to guess the shock this gave to Logan? I'll paraphrase: he came the closest he's ever come to hitting a girl he ever has in his life and he hopes to never feel that type of anger again!
By the way, for anybody that wants to argue the point, Sage is a woman. Male genitalia or not, she has the mind of a woman and being a woman is what she is striving for.
I'm not going to lie in order to sound more worldly and liberal, I've never met a transgender as far as I'm aware of. This book opened my eyes in several ways to help me understand the trials and pain they go through when trying to change so that they can actually feel like the person they are meant to be; it's not an easy task and many consider suicide, and are physically and mentally beaten down by their family/friends/strangers.
I believe this book could open anybody's eyes while answering several questions at the same time.
If you do read this book, read the author's note as well: this will explain how the author become so knowledgeable on the subject.