Spirit Bound by Richelle Mead - Review to come!

Ordinarily I would head over to my local Books A Million to pick up a copy of new books that I absolutely have not intention of waiting to arrive at the library or I know I'll read them numerous times and would rather own a copy.
Except this time I have become an informed shopper. Thank you recession! Everybody has to watch their money and as a college student I definitely have to watch my money or I'll end up having to ask for money when I have no intention of doing so since it's an extraneous expense.
Anyway, my point was that I got my copy for the best price I could find (yay for checking Walmart). This doesn't mean anything bad to BAM. I love bookstores in all shapes, I just can't always afford to buy my books at the listed price.
No I haven't read it yet. Though my review will probably be posted in a day or two, depending on how hooked I get on the book.
Now I'm wondering, does anybody read this blog? If you do, please leave me a comment! Either way, I'm going to keep writing in here. I just wanted to know for sure.

Almost Perfect by Brian Katcher

This book had me guessing a lot at first.
When it starts you have Logan, a poor kid in Missouri still not over the breakup with his ex, and you have Sage, the new girl in school that is just different from everybody else in a good, irritating, perplexing way.
So the plot seems like it'd be pretty straightforward, doesn't it? Guy and girl spend 200 or so pages trying to be together then being ripped apart then getting it together by the final two pages.
That's what I thought for the first 100 pages, then I got to the part where Sage confides in Logan that she is a transgender. For those that don't quite realize what this means, Sage is a woman that was born in a man's body. She's dresses like a girl and looks like one (girly clothes and she takes Mexican hormone pills so she has legitimate breasts). Anybody want to guess the shock this gave to Logan? I'll paraphrase: he came the closest he's ever come to hitting a girl he ever has in his life and he hopes to never feel that type of anger again!
By the way, for anybody that wants to argue the point, Sage is a woman. Male genitalia or not, she has the mind of a woman and being a woman is what she is striving for.
I'm not going to lie in order to sound more worldly and liberal, I've never met a transgender as far as I'm aware of. This book opened my eyes in several ways to help me understand the trials and pain they go through when trying to change so that they can actually feel like the person they are meant to be; it's not an easy task and many consider suicide, and are physically and mentally beaten down by their family/friends/strangers.
I believe this book could open anybody's eyes while answering several questions at the same time.
If you do read this book, read the author's note as well: this will explain how the author become so knowledgeable on the subject.

wonderful place for a book worm!

Okay I don't have a particular book to talk about today. Well, not book at all actually. I wanted to say that the most amazing place for bookwoms to go is the library! It's a wonderful place and the library I go to is great! No late fees (thank the Lord b/c I never turn my books in on time and the librarians know it!), plus the librarians all know me and point out when new books have come in! This happened today and I walked away with a pile of 8 books that, as my mother pointed out, I have no time at all to read them. Plus I'm currently reading the Count of Monte Cristo, which I bought years ago and just kept avoiding reading it. I'm just one of those people that for specific genres I need to have the mindset to read, and books defined as classics are not something I usually read. Some are good, just some aren't to my taste. However, the Count of Monte Cristo has been pretty great so far!
Alrighty, I just wanted to take a moment and proclaim the wonderfulness of libraries (good libraries, did I mention my regular one also has an amazing foreign languages section?) since it's not something I get to talk about that often.

pride and prejudice by Jane Austen

Wow, it has been a long time since I posted! Since my last post I have gotten my acceptance letter to the college I want to transfer to in the fall (so so thankful!), I've been working, going to my classes, and been generally busy. And I hadn't really read anything new. Until a couple of weeks ago I had mostly been sticking to my comfort books that i've read numerous times.

Though yesterday night I FINALLY finished Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. For me, this has been a book that I would read a few pages, put it down, and forget about it for months and read something else. I have no idea why, but when I picked it up a few days ago I was glued to it. It is a lovely read, and a wonderful look into English society in the 1700's! Jane Austen created wonderful characters with Darcy and Elizabeth (and many more, these two are just who I'm going to focus on b/c I need to get back to my term paper!). When I read Elizabeth's accusations during Darcy's first proposal I didn't fully understand it (his pride and cruelty). Yes the man has a heck of a lot of pride but I thought his stand-offishness was just part of his personality. Luckily, Darcy himself explained his faults wonderfully when he proposed to Elizabeth again! Elizabeth really learned that you should not accept a story unless you hear it from the source, especially if you are already predisposed to dislike the character. That is a lesson I believe every reader learns!

For the moment this is all I have to say on the subject! If you'd like to add your opinions, feel free to!

Something Like Fate by Susane Colasanti

Yay for galley copies! I received my copy earlier this week (it's release date is May 4th or 5th, I'm not sure which...) and it made my day! Although When It Happens is still my favorite Colasanti novel, Something Like Fate is a close 2nd place!

Colasanti has a crazy gift for tying in parts of herself into her characters (such as being environmentally friendly and the awesomeness of organic food) while also tying in the drama that you hope only comes up in high school! Personally, I've never met someone that connected with me like Jason does with Lani so the drama that ensues wouldn't have been worth it to me. Though I got the short end of that stick while in high school. Let's just say it was ex-best friend's boyfriend that thought it would be wonderful to date me (since I was the opposite of his girlfriend) and all heck just about broke loose. If you're wondering, no I did not date that guy.
My point is, it was freaky for me to see how close the plot for this book hit home.

Back to the plot, do you ever wonder if everything's already pre-arranged? That you don't have a chance to change things no matter how hard you try? Would it be worth it to find your match if it could cost you your best friend (who also saved your life)? Lani's never had to think about these things before, there was no way it was going to happen. She knows everybody in her small town, she didn't have a connection with any of them. Sure she connects (to a degree) with a few close friends but life is going to be changing as they're in their senior year.
Yeah this was until her best friend Erin introduced her to her current crush Jason.
Again, this has never happened to me, but have you ever known somebody that you grew up with but just didn't become good friends with that years later the two of you suddenly find out the multitudes of things you have in common? This scenario is what happened to Jason and Lani...right after he starts dating Erin.

Drama has never been more potent. And in some respects I have never been more thankful to have survived high school! As you're reading this book you'll root for Lani to win her soul mate while at the same time be shaking you head wanting to yell at her 'that's your best friend's boyfriend you idiot!'.

Life isn't black and white, it's a constant blending of shades of grey. As I recently learned in my World Religions class while studying Sikhism, there is no ultimate truth because everybody sees things differently. I think it all came down to Lani having to decide if her soul mate was worth what she could lose.

Definitely worth reading! And not just for teenagers! I believe a story like this could teach everybody something! Great job Susane Colasanti! Can't wait for your next book =D

Rocking Misfortune by kumquatsrus

Oh the wonders of inkpop!

Meet Juniper Valie. She's fifteen years old, her mother's a drunk, and she's the result of her mother having an affair with a married man. Guess what? Life's been pretty tough for Juniper and only got tougher when her mother died and she was put into her father's custody and was basically thrown into hell thanks to her new stepmother.
Life didn't stay horrible though, thanks to the other black sheep of the family: Juniper's half-brother Benny. Even though their family believes that he doesn't know anything and is an idiot thanks to his lifestyle, Ben could tell from the start that life was going to suck for his baby sister if she didn't have any help. So when Juniper finally runs away, Ben's right there waiting to take her in to live with him....plus his three other room mates. Oh and by the way, did I mention that they make up a famous rock band?
Randomness does not even begin to cover it!
Add to that randomness the fact that Juniper's also a genius with a violin....who knows what will happen!

Rocking MIsfortune is one hell of an awesome story! The bottom line of this story (to me at least) is finding a family. You know, lots of people are born into families that are cruel and only damaging. People like this have to either knuckle under (something I've never believed in doing!) or form a new family later in life. The four guys that take Juniper in become the greatest and most loving family that Juniper could have ever asked for. Sure, they're rock stars but they're her family first.

I can't wait for this story to be finished! =)
Click to read Rocking Misfortune

The Bride and Her Prince by mimi11052003 (inkpop)

Yep, you guessed it, another great story on inkpop!

Picture this: when you turn 18 your parents break an interesting piece of news to you...when you were born you were betrothed to a prince. Oh and by the way, you have NEVER gotten along with this prince. At first you might decide to tell your parents to shove it, but then you realize that there's a lot of good you could do if you became the prince's wife so you decide to go through with it.
Now doesn't that sound like enough drama to deal with?
The drama train didn't stop there!
Now you can add in crazy ex-friends/ex-girlfriends, ex-boyfriends/prince's best friend, and who knows what else!

Okay I first read this story over the Christmas break and became completely addicted to it! (and yes i know, one day i will have to check into a book-rehab center for OD-ing on various great stories) Melinda has done an unbelievably great job in weaving this story (and the accompanying drama web) that you'll spend time cringing at all the drama but be laughing at Maria's and Daniel's growing relationship!

Go to Inkpop and read it:
Click for The Bride and Her Prince

The Make Out Games by AmandaJoywrites

Another Inkpop find!

Here's what we have: Avery & her friends have concocted a game with a very straightforward title: The Make Out Games. There were no problems until Avery missed 1 meeting and finds herself tossed into a closet with her former best friend, Scott Davenport, who pulls her into one intense make out session. Just one potential problem with this...yeah i know, what could be wrong with a great make out session? Well, Avery has a boyfriend, Jared, and Davenport happens to be his nemesis. Except Jared's a jerk so no one feels too bad for him!
After a pretty intense breakup, Avery finds herself with Davenport and the drama just keeps on coming while Davenport is doing everything he can to make her crazy as well! There's no such thing as a simple relationship, but from what you've already read did you really think this was going to be a stress-free deal?

Who knows how it's going to end? Nobody knows yet...
Though the story isn't finished yet, it is addictive! This story will have you reading, reading, and reading more and more.
Here's where you can find the story:
Click for The Make Out Games

Hope you like it as much as I do!

The Carrier of the Mark by Leigh Fallon

Megan and her dad have moved to Ireland and her life is going to be spun into who know's how many directions! First she's just getting used to life at her new high school and making friends, typical teenager stuff. Then what happens except she finds out that the guy, Adam, that's been ignoring her and being an all-around jerk is actually her love. Who'd have thought?!
And I'm not even done yet!
Now you have to add in Megan learning about her destiny, and being surrounded by danger and a new family that she'd kill to protect. Now you have a general idea of what this book is about.

This is a story that has become really popular on inkpop and it deserves it!
You have true love to experience, which never gets old. a guy that loves you and wants nothing more than to have you with him and you're physically ill when you can't be around him. over time you gain a family with deeper ties that could never be damaged.
I loved this story!
Alright, i usually would try to come up with more to say except i'm coming down with a cold so i'll just leave the web address for where to find the story:
Click for The Carrier of the Mark


one of the many joys in my life is that i heard about a website filled with great writing from people all over the world that you can read for free, comment on, and post your own work.
And in the past couple months i have read so many great stories! I just finished a great one last night, The Carrier of the Mark, and it was great!
So besides reviewing only books that've been published i'm going to start telling all of you about some of my favorites on inkpop!