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Something Like Fate by Susane Colasanti
Yay for galley copies! I received my copy earlier this week (it's release date is May 4th or 5th, I'm not sure which...) and it made my day! Although When It Happens is still my favorite Colasanti novel, Something Like Fate is a close 2nd place!

Colasanti has a crazy gift for tying in parts of herself into her characters (such as being environmentally friendly and the awesomeness of organic food) while also tying in the drama that you hope only comes up in high school! Personally, I've never met someone that connected with me like Jason does with Lani so the drama that ensues wouldn't have been worth it to me. Though I got the short end of that stick while in high school. Let's just say it was ex-best friend's boyfriend that thought it would be wonderful to date me (since I was the opposite of his girlfriend) and all heck just about broke loose. If you're wondering, no I did not date that guy.
My point is, it was freaky for me to see how close the plot for this book hit home.

Back to the plot, do you ever wonder if everything's already pre-arranged? That you don't have a chance to change things no matter how hard you try? Would it be worth it to find your match if it could cost you your best friend (who also saved your life)? Lani's never had to think about these things before, there was no way it was going to happen. She knows everybody in her small town, she didn't have a connection with any of them. Sure she connects (to a degree) with a few close friends but life is going to be changing as they're in their senior year.
Yeah this was until her best friend Erin introduced her to her current crush Jason.
Again, this has never happened to me, but have you ever known somebody that you grew up with but just didn't become good friends with that years later the two of you suddenly find out the multitudes of things you have in common? This scenario is what happened to Jason and Lani...right after he starts dating Erin.

Drama has never been more potent. And in some respects I have never been more thankful to have survived high school! As you're reading this book you'll root for Lani to win her soul mate while at the same time be shaking you head wanting to yell at her 'that's your best friend's boyfriend you idiot!'.

Life isn't black and white, it's a constant blending of shades of grey. As I recently learned in my World Religions class while studying Sikhism, there is no ultimate truth because everybody sees things differently. I think it all came down to Lani having to decide if her soul mate was worth what she could lose.

Definitely worth reading! And not just for teenagers! I believe a story like this could teach everybody something! Great job Susane Colasanti! Can't wait for your next book =D


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